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We return to the HOUSE HUSBANDS gang a year on and the winds of change are blowing through Nepean South. A much-loved House Husband and his family have gone, but an unlikely new addition could be just over Lewis’ fence… Lewis is unimpressed with his neighbour, Rachel’s, new younger beau and their ‘al fresco’ lovemaking habits. He’s even less impressed to discover that this suitor, Nick (Hugh Sheridan), will be teaching music at Nepean South. Nick is young, fun and a hit with the kids. In fact, there aren’t many people immune to his charm – except Lewis. Lewis is certain Nick is hiding something and he’s determined to expose it. Gemma is on the cusp of becoming a doctor. She almost cracks during her final practical exam, but recovers with Abi’s support. Unfortunately, their interaction has a secret witness and Gemma is accused to cheating. Could Gemma’s career as a doctor be over before it’s begun?