House Husbands is a warm and funny drama about four families with one thing in common - the dads are raising the kids... And sometimes it's the other way around. With their fabulously flawed wives and partners, the House Husbands navigate their way through the craziness of modern parenting, relationships, friendships and careers... And try to get their kids to school on time. In series five we pick up the House Husbands gang a year on, and the winds of change are blowing through Nepean South. A much-loved House Husband is gone, but an unlikely fourth for Sunday night poker could be just over Lewis' fence. A younger, even badder Baynie will unexpectedly pull into town, bringing up guilt from Justin's past, and Mark's discovery of his true parentage will touch everyone. Gemma will battle the system to become a doctor, while golden girl Abi will struggle with the concept of 'having it all'.
This series will continue the House Husbands feel-good and dramatic storytelling tradition. Our favourite dads will land themseives in new and unexpected shenanigans including: competing in a school spelling bee, giving Nick dodgy parenting advice, forming a band and displaying lackluster musical talent, searching for Mark's lost fathertwice, frocking up, attempting to replace a lucky rabbit, endeavoring to fix the system from the inside and training to get fit for an ultimate House Husbands bonding adventure. The kids might be growing up fast, but our House Husbands still have a lot to learn.