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It’s day one of the new school year and our four House Husbands, Justin, Lewis, Mark and Kane meet at the school gate. Justin is a disgraced football player who has been dropped by his team and his wife. She is now threatening to take custody of their three children. Mark is finding it difficult to return to part-time work for the first time in five years, while his wife juggles a full time career as an emergency doctor. Having recently sold a successful business, Lewis is having problems adjusting to his wife Gemma becoming the breadwinner. The four men unite when their children are involved in stealing the school bus. In the aftermath of the bus incident, Kane is questioning his fathering abilities, when he manages to misplace the school principal and is assisted in her search by his new mates. It’s not long until the principal is found, and the fathers return to school with time to spare for afternoon pick up. Justin is tempted by an offer of a new contract to play in Perth but is convinced by his new friends to stick around and fight for custody. It feels like with each other’s support the unlikely foursome might be able to help each other through the challenges of parenthood.  But there’s a threat to the new arrangement when sparks fly between Justin and Lewis’ adult daughter Lucy.