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Buoyed by the news of Juni’s pregnancy, Mark embarks on a quest to woo back his wife Sandra and rebuild their family. Milan, however, still has Mark in his sights.

At the same time, Jakob continues to court Mark as a successor and Eva wants him for her own. Mark faces a tough decision. In the meantime, Sandra has forgiven Mehmet but also comes to realise that they inhabit different worlds.

Marks succeeds in smuggling Goran’s charred remains out of the forensic lab and burying it in nearby woodland.
In seeking to get rid of the corpse once and for all, he wants to prevent Milan from uncovering the truth. Unbeknown to Mark, however, he’s not the only one in the woods that night.

Juni tells Sandra about her pregnancy as well and hopes that the good news will encourage her mother to return home to the family.