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Mark Tempel lives with his wife Sandra and his daughter Juni in Berlin Wedding. Money is scarce and they face eviction from their flat. That’s why Mark seeks help from his old friends at the boxing club. In addition, the Tempels’ flat is wrecked by masked bikers in the presence of Sandra and Juni to force the family to move out. Meanwhile Mark, who is a carer for the elderly, is on his visit to the cancer-stricken Ms Lada and deals with her request for euthanasia. In the attack, Juni’s violin gets destroyed, which she needs for her entrance exam to the music college. Mark has had enough. He doesn’t want his family being subjected to this abuse any longer. And he desperately needs money to buy a new violin for his daughter. Out of despair he turns to his old friend Jakob, who is the local crime boss and owner of a boxing club. He asks him if he can take part in a boxing match. Jakob not only gives his former protégé the chance to fight but reintroduces him into the glitzy world of the boxing club where Mark meets prostitute Eva with whom he shares a special connection. Mark feels himself drawn to this world although he promised his wife at Juni’s birth that he would put his past to rest.