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Marie is on Fire is set in one of the most beautiful parts of Bavaria, Germany, and tells the story of how a young, single mother saves the local voluntary fire brigade.

Marie and Stefan have thrown a party on the eve of their wedding and are celebrating with the Wildegg Voluntary Fire Brigade when an alarm call abruptly interrupts proceedings. Marie's son Max and Stefan’s son Daniel are saved, unharmed, from the fire, but the wedding falls through as a result.

After the fire, Marie and Stefan decide that they both need some time apart, and to spend more time with their sons. The evidence increasingly indicates that the fire, which reduced the barn to ashes, was caused by arson. Stefan harbours a creeping suspicion, which leads to him coming up with an idea that leaves his friends bewildered.

Even Marie is surprised at Stefan's behaviour. But she fights for their love. As daughter of the retiring chief fire officer and assistant of the mayor, she also has another issue to deal with: the threatened closure of Wildegg Voluntary Fire Brigade, due to a lack of men willing to give up their free-time for the community. Yet Marie unites her father's stubbornness with the creativity of her boss. She has also inherited her mum’s knack of being able to say the right thing at just the right time. Marie Reiter may not always take the fastest route, but she keeps her goals resolutely in her sights.