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After a firefighting job, Marie bumps into Luisa, a horse farm owner for whom life has become unaffordable.

Luisa tries to cope with the situation on her own. But Marie convinces her that she needs help and that she can ask for it. They apply for social benefits for Luisa. But their hope is short-lived: to get money, Luisa would have to give up horse and farm.

Marie doesn't find the idea that saves the day until she meets the new veterinarian Joachim, who Angie dated using an app, despite her animal hair allergy.

But at the same time, Marie's own life is being turned upside-down. Her father Ernst secretly planned to rebuild the family home so Marie and Stefan can live together with them in a multi-generation house, but Stefan can't seem to warm up to the idea.

Marie, on the other hand, is more confused by a fleeting encounter with her ex-boyfriend Philipp in Munich.