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Christine’s world falls apart: Her husband Bernd suddenly decides to break up with her after 15 years of marriage. Heavily demoralized, she packs her things and moves in with her friend Doro in Hamburg, who is sharing a house with the gay lawyer Dennis. Doro and Dennis take care of Christine and try to keep her occupied with all sorts of activities. But it is especially Richard, Dennis’ partner at the law firm, who is able to distract Christine. While Christine tries to reorganise her life, her father Heinz and mother Charlotte attempt to meddle in it. Heinz wants to get her back together with Bernd at all costs, as he sees him as his ideal son-in-law. Charlotte, on the other hand, finds out that Heinz is boycotting the radical diet that she created painstakingly just for him by secretly eating chocolate and sausages, and, in a fit of rage, moves into Christine’s newly formed house share. Christine, juggling between her mother Charlotte’s insistence on doing the household chores in the house share, father Heinz’s reconciliation attempts, the romantic distraction caused by Richard and Doro’s and Dennis’ well-meant plans, tries to find her way in a new life.