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A Westerly Wind with Sudden Squalls (eps. 8)

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One word is all it takes to wreak havoc in Katharina’s enviable life: “Sylt.” A bestselling novelist wants her to go to the island to do some research into the story of one remarkable woman.

Yet shadows of her own past await on Sylt: For one, her chaotic sister Inken, for another Hennes, the great love of her life – who left her high and dry at the altar.

Katharina accepts de Jong’s assignment – she’s a grown woman, after all. Or so she thinks. No sooner is she back on Sylt than her sister Inken starts doing a number on her nerves, and Hennes, of all people, happens to cross her path. To top it all off, her research assignment isn’t going the way she’d planned. De Jong’s puzzling behavior only serves to complicate matters.

Luckily, there’s Martha – Katharina and Inken’s high school teacher – who is now running the island’s archive. Not only does Martha see right through Katharina’s perfect façade, she also recognizes the reason behind de Jong’s behavior, and a tender love story begins to unfold between the two.

In the meantime, Katharina’s long-suppressed feelings for Hennes are stirring. And how. Her enviable life is crumbling before her very eyes. It’s time to decide anew who and what really matters for her future.