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Congratulations! You're a Winner! (eps. 7)

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Walter (Peter Sattmann) has won an exclusive trip to Schlei in northern Germany. His wife, Inge, most certainly does not want to miss out on her “women's weekend”, so without further ado, he takes his best friend Heinz (Lambert Hamel) instead. They set off with high hopes of the trip, yet they're initial enthusiasm soon receives a blow. Described as a sophisticated tour, it quickly becomes clear that it is nothing more than a promotional trip. And instead of three-course meals, there is thin vegetable soup on offer. The only interesting people in the “specially selected” group, are Finchen (Gila von Weitershausen) and radio presenter Johanna (Yvonne Catterfeld), who is accompanying her aunt in order to take her mind off other things. She is convinced that her boyfriend Max (Matthias Schloo) has cheated on her with novelist Mareike Wolf (Caroline Beil). The tough journalist listens closely as organiser Lisa Wagner (Stephanie Stumph) tells the tour group about the “unique” opportunity they have to invest their money in exclusive time-share apartments in a premium location. Heinz soon becomes suspicious, too, and believes the real estate bargain is too good to be true. Walter, on the other hand, is as keen as mustard. When Johanna’s boyfriend Max turns up in Schlei too, events quickly unfold.