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Bookseller Christine (Julia Stinshoff) has got the blues: Her 40th birthday is coming up, and her affair with Richard (Christoph Mory) is also not running so smoothly. Richard is married and is not making any effort to separate from his wife. What’s more, Christine cannot even share her troubles with her best friend Doro (Julia-Maria Köhler), as she is keeping the affair secret from her. When Christine is commissioned to write a column for a women’s magazine, she meets the attractive chief editor Sven (Patrick Rapold). And because Richard is still giving her the runaround, Christine is not averse to a little flirt with Sven. In her emotional chaos she doesn’t realise that she is neglecting her friend Doro. And when Doro then finds out that Christine has been lying to her for months, their friendship threatens to break up. Dennis (Markus Majowski), Doro’s gay housemate, who is planning his wedding to his boyfriend Kai (Patrick Heyn), is also rather economical with the truth. His capricious mother Angela (Judy Winter), who pays him a surprise visit from Los Angeles, has no idea about her son’s homosexuality. Dennis gets increasingly caught up in lies, jeopardising his relationship with Kai in the process. Christine also recognises that true friendship can handle the truth.