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When 17-year-old Fiona Wilkens leaves her sheltered parental home in Berlin early one evening to embark on her first trip to Italy together with her boyfriend Jason, no one can anticipate the fateful string of events that is about to take its course. At daybreak track workers discover the body of a young woman who has presumably thrown herself in front of a train.

The coroner’s inquest, however, produces an unexpected outcome: the girl was not a suicide victim. Before being laid on the track, she had been shot in the back with two bullets. Fiona’s cell phone lay not far from where she was found. The obvious suspicion that the body found was Fiona can’t be confirmed.

But what has become of Fiona and her boyfriend? They never got to Italy. Fiona’s parents and her younger sister Phoebe are at the end of their rope. Then Jason’s car is found abandoned at a freeway parking lot. The young couple obviously had a flat tire shortly after setting out. Jason’s body is found in a nearby copse, hastily concealed under some brushwood.