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A woman sustains serious injuries in a road accident. The driver flees, but not without being seen. A young witness provides the police with a lead. When Rosa Roth and Markus Körber set out to arrest the alleged offender, Francis Song, they are in for a surprise. Officer Gruschwitz from the State Criminal Police Office informs them Song is involved with a ring of criminal pharmaceutical dealers against whom the State Criminal Police Office has for some time been planning a large-scale operation. As this could be jeopardized by Song’s arrest, he asks them to back off. When the ring is busted a short while later and the criminal pharmaceutical dealers and their Chinese suppliers arrested, Francis Song flees. Rosa and Körber take up the chase.

And then something happens no one had reckoned with. A tire blows and Körber‘s car overturns several times. While Körber escapes with a few minor injuries, Rosa is not so lucky. She doesn’t regain consciousness until several days later in hospital. Diagnosed with moderate traumatic brain injury, she is prescribed complete bed rest.