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Officially Marie Brand (Mariele Millowitsch) works in the Theft and Burglary Squad of the Cologne police; she left the Homicide Division years ago after her father was killed on active duty. But now, when she is called to deal with a case of burglary that resulted in a death, she suddenly finds herself involved in solving a murder, almost against her will. Maria is only person who is convinced that the burglary in the home of Jeanette and Hajo Fischer (Lavinia Wilson, Götz Schubert), who are both lawyers, was only staged so that the murder of the gardener Julia (Alexandra Schalaudek) would appear to be an accidental consequence. Together with the obstinate and extremely handsome Inspector Simmel (Hinnerk Schönemann), Marie digs deeper and comes across a religious meditation group called Numa: the dead woman was a member of this group, and her employers, the Fischers, still are. Did this sect have anything to do with the murder? The other members - and especially the leader of the group, Laura (Katharina Lorenz) - certainly seem oddly conspiratorial and unwilling to provide much information about themselves. Soon Marie also discovers that Hajo Fischer and his wife Jeanette are more than just victims of a burglary. Fischer and his legal office are deeply involved in the structure of the sect. Years ago he was instrumental in getting the ominous Laura acquitted of charges involving a small child, and since then he has been handling the group's finances. Was he embezzling funds? Is Laura bent on revenge? Was Hajo Fischer the intended victim of the year attack? Marie feels there is a great deal to support this theory, especially since Jeanette clearly fears for her life now. But first Marie has to learn more about a world which is completely alien to her. While she employs her finally-tuned investigative skills, Simmel relies entirely on his pragmatic, masculine logic. When the two of them manage to foil an attempt to murder Hajo Fischer at the very last second, it raises the question of exactly where the danger originates. Laura, who just happens to be in Amsterdam at the time, provides Marie with the crucial clue which points to a surprising complication within the meditation group...