Off the Fence BV

Established in 1994, Off the Fence is an independent television distribution and production company, specialising in non-fiction programming for the international marketplace. The production business is known internationally for its dedication to high quality, integrity and innovation. Off the Fence develops, finances, produces and co-produces international non-fiction programmes across a range of genres including natural history, science, health, adventure, history and social documentaries.

This has resulted in the production of more than 500 hours of programming in the past 10 years and the winning over 80 awards (including nominations for two Emmys). In 2018 Off the Fence Productions ranked number 14 in the Televisual Production 100 True Indies Survey.


Herengracht 105-107
1015 BE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 5200 222
Fax: 31 20 5200 223