Riverside Entertainment GmbH

Riverside Entertainment develops and produces entertainment programming for the German language television market.  Included in this portfolio are show formats with event character, journalistic entertainment, as well as comedy. The company’s expertise is broad: Talk shows, celebrity and info – magazine programs, comedy, quiz and game shows as well as spectacular sporting events and big gala events. Riverside Entertainment emerged from the well-established media company Blondheim TV and continues on their many years of successful work, particularly in the comedy field.

Riverside Entertainment delivers intelligent and coherent content in its productions and always brings that little bit "extra" needed for today’s continuous success. To achieve this, experienced teams develop custom-made formats for public television as well as for private clients. With its carefully chosen partnerships, the company also develops established moderators and young talent.

Riverside Entertainment GmbH
Jenfelder Allee 80
22039 Hamburg

e-mail: info@riverside-entertainment.de
tel.: +49 (0)40 / 6688 4400
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