Australia's Deadly Monsters

In Australia’s tropical Top End, swinging between drought and deluge, it is literally teeming with life — and death.

Saltwater Crocodiles terrorise river systems, while toxic Box Jellyfish lay waste to estuaries, and Sea Eagles rain death from above. Ruthless creatures wreaking havoc in Australia’s tropical north. In Australia’s desolate interior, survival requires extreme strategies and adaptations. Between the Dunes there are many monsters vying for supremacy; dingoes, armored reptiles, kangaroos and the world’s most venomous snakes trade blows in an evolutionary arms race.

Patrolling the undergrowth of Australia’s vast forest reserves, raptors, vicious devils, cunning death adders and more; these Rock Monsters are adept survivors, these savage beasts stop at nothing to take their quarry any which-way they can — dead or alive.

1. Nightmares of the North
2. Outback Terrors
3. Stone Cold Killers