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Lydia and the Giants - Into the Wild Pantanal

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The Pantanal, the greatest tropical wetland on Earth, is Lydia Möcklinghoff’s second wild home. The behavioural biologist from Cologne returns here regularly to study giant anteaters and their natural habitat.

Regular droughts and rainy seasons have left their mark on this colourful and rich landscape of rivers, lakes, swamps, riparian forests, and pampas. Far from the nearest metropolis, local cowboys use traditional and sustainable methods to raise cattle in this wilderness.

The Fazenda Barranco Alto is Lydia’s base. From here, she takes us on the adventurous journey that is her day-to-day work. She travels by horse or canoe and sets up camera traps to film wildlife in remote areas. On her way, she meets giant otters, jaguars, pumas, hyacinth macaws – and anteaters. Some of them are like old friends she has known for years.