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Savannah of the Anaconda - Episode 2

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Guyana, the small, unknown country of South America, is the world of giant otters, jaguars and the majestic harpy, as well as a variety of other impressive animal species.

In the southwest of Guyana lie the endless savannahs. Spread across the vast plains, the cattle of the indigenous cowboys, the vaqueros, graze.

Small ponds and island forests provide shelter and a home for numerous animals: the bright orange "cock of the rock" uses the thicket for its extraordinary mating dance. The anaconda hunts in the shallow water. If the dryness increases, it ventures on a long, dangerous migration through the savannah.

After months of drought, the rainy season finally sets in. Soon the rivers burst their banks and turn the savannah into a unique lakeland. When the flooding is high enough, a mysterious lake is born, Lake Parime.