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Amphibians are living fossils in a modern world. But frogs, toads and salamanders are more diverse than you could ever imagine. Whether dodging danger, raising their young or wearing a disguise, amphibians are awesome. So, hop along to your local pond, dive in and explore the fascinating world of the frogs and their cousins…

Today there are 7000 species of amphibians, they’ve hoped through harsh weather and hungry predators. But now there’s a new threat, chytridiomycosis, a virus spread by fungi that kills frogs by stopping their ability to control their body salts and moisture levels. Its already wiped out 200 species.

But the world over, scientists are trying to find a way to help. They won’t allow the frog family to croak it’s last. And coupled with the frog’s enthusiasm for breeding, there’s every chance they can bounce back!