Brotherhood of Lions

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An immersive and compelling story of the daily lives and struggles of five young lions in the Black Rock region of Kenya’s Masai Mara reserve. Born in 2017, the lions were given names by the Masai people to suit their personalities: Olumina, the lame one, is the most sexually active but has difficulty walking. Olosiadu, the stay-behind, is cautious and often isolates himself. Lorkulup, the tag-along, has a permanent runny nose that hinders him from hunting with his brothers. Orpadan, the hunter, is always in the lead and first to their prey. Oloborr, the sister-killer, is the strongest male and the boss of the group.

Following the lions for the first five years of their lives, this is a gripping and thought-provoking documentary that offers fascinating insights into the lives of these majestic animals, while highlighting threats such as poaching and habitat loss.