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The world is full of giants that fill us with awe and wonder. Humans seem drawn to these creatures. They fascinate and inspire. But what is the attraction, and why are these monsters so huge?

Every animal’s family has its giants, but there are some animals that take size to the extreme; the biggest cat, the Siberian tiger, hunts the moose, the world’s largest deer. Huge buffalo can get lions on the run, and the ground shakes when massive hippos go head to head.

There are some true record breakers, like the 4 metre, 11 ton African elephant, but even he’s dwarf by enormous sperm whales, the world’s largest toothed animals, with fist shaped teeth, and a brain that’s five times bigger than our own.

There are different ways of defining ‘big’, but one thing is for sure: the huge animals of this world are fascinating, diverse and beautiful.