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Baboons: A Really Wild Family

  • UHD

A troop of Anubis baboons lives in the heart of Kenya. Little by little, we get to know the characters in the troop: There’s the wise grandfather Babu, his son, the commanding and dominant male Mfalme, King of the troop, the experienced mother Jamala and her newborn son, Prince Mkuu. Through Mkuu’s eyes, we discover the baboons’ world, gradually learning what it means to be born into this family. At night, the baboons withdraw into the subterranean lava tubes of their cave, safe from their enemies, the hyenas. They lie in wait on the cave’s rim, unable to climb down the sheer walls to reach the monkeys. Africa’s Great Rift Valley becomes the dramatic setting for dramas big and small in the life of Mkuu and his troop. This film shows how in many ways the baboons are just little people in fur — a really wild family!