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An alarm screech goes out through the rainforest. Monkeys of all types throw themselves off high branches and out of trees to freeze in terror. Overhead a giant eagle easily twists and turns through the treetops, hunting for any animal caught out in the open. With a single dive it tears the unlucky creature from its branch with five inch long claws on powerful legs. The harpy eagle's name refers to the harpies of Greek mythology which were ferocious winged creatures with sharp claws, a woman's face and a vulture's body. The Harpy eagle- like the mythic creatures- flies loudless through the canopy always ready to seize its prey. It is one of the world's largest and the most powerful of the fifty species of eagles and one of the rarest birds on earth. Together with his Amerindian friend and collegues Cameraman and Biologist Rainer Bergomaz searches the powerful eagle in the canopy of Guyana´s unspoilt rainforests. To watch the rare bird and find it breeding they have to go on a dangerous expedition into unexplored forest areas. Duriong their adventure they will not only find the mythic bird but many never before seen species like Tayras, Giant Armadillos or the venomous Fer de Lance.