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Hamburg Unleashed: Wildlife in the City

  • UHD

Nature is not just somewhere out there — it is also right here in our neighborhood. Wild animals and plants have adapted to our lives and enrich our daily experiences. They are an indispensable part of our cities and can be found virtually anywhere.

Some, like the European adder or the sand lizard, are hard to spot. Others are more adapted to the conditions in the city, and some find really unusual living quarters. A few pairs of greylag geese for example have decided to nest on rooftop terraces with a view onto the local Alster canals. Foxes have taken up residence on the Hamburg airport property. Here they have turned out to be popular, keeping the runway clear of possibly problematic birds.

The film shows the most unusual places in the city, where eagle-owls breed, seals laze on sandbanks and beavers surf on the tidal Elbe River.