Unearthed – The Mystery of the Shaman Woman

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One of the most significant cases in European archaeology is the grave of the shaman of Bad Dürrenberg, a key finding of the last hunter-gatherer groups. From a time when there were no written records, this site was first researched by the Nazis, who saw a physically strong male warrior from an ‘original Aryan race’ in the buried person. It was, in fact, the most powerful woman of her time. 

The latest research shows that she was dark-skinned, had physical deformities, and was a spiritual leader. The film – using high-end CGI and motion capture – compares the researchers of the Nazi era, who misrepresented and instrumentalised their findings, to today’s researchers, who meticulously compile findings and evidence, and use cross- disciplinary methods to examine and evaluate them. It also substantiates the theory of the powerful roles women played in prehistoric times. 

The story of this woman, buried with a baby in her arms, still fascinates us 9,000 years after her death.