Truth and Lies

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The history of humankind is also a history of the struggle between truth and lies. From ancient times to the present, lies have been used to achieve economic, political and personal goals. This battle is fought with pen, keyboard and camera, but also with weapons, torture and terror. And it continues to claim countless victims to this day. For those who are most skilled at using the latest technology gain the authority to declare what is true.

The six-part documentary series Truth and Lies reveals from an international perspective how our understanding of history was shaped by the use of lies. Drawing on a range of topics, it sheds light on the role of the media in the relentless battle for truth. In no other context do fact and fiction lie closer together than in religion. Faith is used to enforce secular interests. In war, lies are used to justify bloodshed and disguise the motives of the aggressor. Conspiracy theories are used to corrupt the enemy and create an evil stereotype. The role of money is significant, as it often decides which truth will prevail.

There will always be influential and powerful people who try to spread their own truth by any means. However, when the lies of the powerful are revealed, the resulting scandal can not only stir up society, but also become the impetus for social change.