In this intensely exciting docudrama, the internationally recognized author, director, and producer Werner Herzog portrays the fate of the US airman Dieter Dengler who was shot down over the jungles of North Vietnam in 1969. After a seemingly endless 136 day martyrdom in a prisoner of war camp, Dieter Dengler was rescued. The fact that he is the first and only US pilot to escape from a North Vietnamese prison is a sensation in itself - but minor when compared to what Dengler endured. Werner Herzog has created a docudrama on Dengler's life which contains documentary (air raids, downed and captured pilot sequences) and semi-documentary sequences, pictures, historical film footage, and reality TV elements. The viewer is emotionally "led by the hand" throughout the entire experience in order to make the audience better understand Dengler's feelings. The result is an objective, breathtaking visual account of this harrowing experience. Werner Herzog is an internationally reknowned director of several outstanding feature and documentary films such as "Aguirre", "Fitzcarraldo", "Nosferatu, the Vampire", and "Journeys into Hell". He won numerous international awards. Further programs by Werner Herzog in our catalogue: