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The Lost Scrolls of Vesuvius

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Destroyed, and yet preserved by the volcanic eruption that annihilated Pompeii, the Roman town of Herculaneum is home to the only known surviving Roman library – and a treasure more precious than gold. Excavations of a luxurious villa in the 1750s revealed unopened papyrus scrolls that could transform our understanding of the ancient Greeks and Romans – if only we could read them. As fragile as butterfly wings, even the most careful attempts at opening the scrolls reduced them to dust, frustrating classical scholars for centuries. Until now. 

Using cutting-edge technology and AI, experts may soon be able to read undiscovered ancient texts from philosophers and playwrights. With exclusive access, The Lost Scrolls of Vesuvius interviews experts, and uses CGI technology to paint a vibrant picture of the stunning villa and tell the story of one of ancient Rome’s most powerful dynasties.