Ancient Apocalypse

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Ancient Apocalypse investigates stories of the collapse of some of the world's greatest civilisations. 

Ruins can be found on every continent. Places where only the stones bear witness to the tales of fallen people. These ruins may be buried underground, hidden in the shade of a jungle canopy, or lost amidst the teeming activity of a modern city. However, they all raise the same questions. How could something so remarkable almost vanish from the face of the earth? Why do civilisations collapse?

These societies were reduced to nothing, obliterated by natural disasters. In this six-part series, we uncover the scientific reasons for the disappearance of some of history's most fascinating peoples. The episodes deal with the end of The Akkadian Empire, The Lost City of Helike, Sodom and Gomorrha, The Mystery of the Sea Peoples, the Maya Civilisation, and Doggerland