Hoodie is a superhero story about a perfectly normal boy, with an exceptional talent for parkour and a passion for justice. He is a modern hero who fights injustice with his friends. Pieter looks rather normal, and ‘sporty’ is not really a word one would use to describe him. However, for two years now, he has been practising parkour with Soufian, the best tracer in Brussels. And he has been doing so in secret, as his mother would never approve it. She is a police officer, and walking on someone else’s roof is simply not what the police like. Every other week, he lives with his father as his parents are separated, and Pieter does not want his father to find out either as he thinks parkour is for thugs. One day when a woman is robbed near his house, Pieter hesitates only briefly. He pulls his hoodie over his head and chases the robber using his parkour skills. He skilfully jumps over walls, traversing gardens and roofs... without being recognized. And so the legend of “Hoodie – fighter of crime” is created. When three neighbourhood kids, Flo, Basim and Kenza, discover Pieter’s talent and motivation, they join him to become an unexpected superhero crew: Team Hoodie. They are connected by one goal: to liberate the neighbourhood from injustice.