In the 2nd season Coconut and his friends come up with an even more inventive spirit to forge links between the different dragon species…

Coconut the Little Dragon and his best friends, Gourmet Dragon Oscar and porcupine Matilda, are misfits on Dragon Island. Coconut is still the worst student ever at Flying School! Vegetarian Oscar is a disgrace to the meat-loving Gourmet Dragons. And for Matilda, life's not easy as a porcupine on an island full of dragons. And for all of them, the fact that the island is packed with so many different kinds of dragon doesn't make things easier!

In their new adventures, Coconut, Oscar and Matilda meet many amazing new dragons, while Coconut’s curiosity carries them into some fascinating worlds. Like the bottom of the ocean, where they meet Amadeus, the giant Sea Dragon. Together with their new friend Wart, they explore the Jungle Islands, home of the Water Dragons. And they help cloud-dwelling Sky Dragon Xie Xie to find his “Book Of Wisdom.” Through their adventures, the three friends are brought to realise that every kind of dragon has problems too, whether Fire Dragons or Gourmet Dragons, giant Sea Dragons or little Earth Dragons. And they'll always do their best to help!

Helping spread a little harmony among all those different dragons is a big challenge, and of course Coconut, Oscar and Matilda mostly end up in a mess. But there's nothing that can't be solved in the end with friendship and team spirit… One thing's for sure, Coconut will never give up until he finds a solution that will make everybody happy!