Hanna Hellmann

Who isn't familiar with the famous plunge into the deep end? Hanna Hellmann has to dare to take it. She doesn't have any other choice. After she suffers a blackout she has a rude landing ... and wakes up at the mountain inn called " Kaiserhütte" – high up in the mountains over Innsbruck and in the middle of a grand Alpine panorama. It becomes more and more clear to her that she can't – and doesn't want to – go back to her old life in the city. And so she dares to take that plunge into the deep end: Hanna becomes the manager of the mountain inn and volunteer mediator in the small town of Anzing. From zero to sixty!

In her two functions she constantly comes into contact with touching fates and has to react to them. Her voluntary position as mediator, in particular, presents her over and over again with huge challenges of human, moral, and legal nature. With her verdicts being binding for the parties involved, she has to question herself every time, and if need be readjust her position in order to do justice to both sides in the dispute, and to be as neutral as possible. She always arrives, however, at a satisfactory solution for both sides with her mediation verdicts, and by doing so she conveys a ray of hope and optimism.