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The sleepy village of Gendering is basically just a speck on the map, but a very beautiful one. In fact, it is so idyllically located between the Alps and Munich, that young innkeeper Paula gets the offer to sell the village to an investor for 18 million euros: Gendering is to become a luxury resort. The local women are enthusiastic, as they look forward to fulfilling their dreams: from a stay in an Indian ashram to a career as a racing cyclist, or to long-awaited cosmetic surgery. After initial enthusiasm, however, the local men suddenly feel attached to their roots and refuse to sign the document necessary for the sale. Now of all times, Max, the love of Paula’s life, returns from his trip around the world. Paula originally wanted to leave with him three years ago, but had to stay with her father and take care of the family-owned inn. Not only has Max seen the world without Paula, but now he also wants to talk her into not abandoning the village.