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Two Life Sentences

Franziska lives happily with her partner Sebastian, until the latter is unexpectedly arrested for murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Sebastian is accused of murdering the young Constanze Minnich. Franziska does not doubt that his arrest is a huge misunderstanding. With the help of a lawyer, she fights for his release, despite all opposition.

The verdict, which is solely based on bits of evidence, does not shake Franziska’s faith in the innocence of her partner. On the contrary: it greatly upsets her that their mutual friends start to doubt Sebastian’s innocence. Franziska’s parents also put pressure on her to break up with Sebastian. What sort of a future does she have otherwise? Yet Franziska holds on to her love and her faith in his innocence.

They get married in prison. As time goes on, Sebastian starts to change while in prison. And Franziska is now being plagued regularly by nightmares – severe opposition to their marriage from her close environment begins to take a toll on her, especially at night. When friends from the past also turn up and speak of an aggressive and very different Sebastian from the one whom Franziska knows, her image of her understanding, loving husband begins to falter.