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Beate Uhse - A Lust for Life and Love

A brilliant entrepreneur who founded the world’s first sex shop, and one of the few women to head a business in post-war Germany, Beate Uhse was one of the most controversial personalities of her time. This biopic relates the story of a female entrepreneur who devoted her life to tearing down the wall of shame behind which generations had relegated sexuality. The 90-minute drama portrays Beate Uhse as a paradox: a free spirit who longed for love, security and a happy family life; an outsider who rejected many of the views of a society she wanted to be part of; a woman accused of encouraging promiscuity and all manner of debauchery, yet who was awarded the Cross of Merit by the German government in 1989. With international screen star Franka Potente (Run Lola Run, Blow, The Bourne Identity) in the lead role.