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Van Leeuwens second case - Death's Angel (eps. 2)

Teacher Gerrit Suiker’s body is discovered in Amsterdam’s red-light district. The last person to have seen him alive is the prostitute Sherry. While maintaining a wall of silence during the police interrogation, Sherry reveals to the radio presenter of a night-time call-in show that she witnessed the murder.

Truth or lie? Bruno van Leeuwen is faced with a mystery. And it’s about to get bigger. When Bruno goes to inform the deceased man’s wife he finds her not at home, but lying in a hospital bed – an incurable patient who wishes to die. Her spouse, however, had tried to prevent this. Now he is dead and she is still alive. Could her neurologist Dr. van der Meer have something to do with Suiker‘s death? He is, after all, a declared advocate of active euthanasia. And how is the man on the radio linked to the case?

Bruno van Leeuwen not only asks himself these questions, but also psychologist Feline Menardi, to whom he has been sent because since his wife’s death he can no longer stand being at home and wanders the city’s streets at night – like Gerrit Suiker and all the other sleepless inhabitants of Amsterdam.