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After receiving a mysterious e-mail, lawyer Julia Gerber begins to have her doubts about whether the right man was apprehended for her sister's gruesome murder that took place eight years ago. Determined to uncover the truth, she returns to the small village in the Alpine foothills, quickly getting entangled in an intricate web of deceit and half-truths and putting her personal safety at risk. Nonetheless, she is willing to confront the past and find her sister's real killer no matter what the cost. Julia decides to team up with suspended police detective Maurer, a man of few words who led the investigations back then and seems to know more than he lets on. Equally curious is the behaviour of psychologist Lisa Poldack, who has been monitoring the mental health of the alleged killer ever since his confession. At the same time, the convict's father, Johannes Falk, keeps his distance from the psychologist, whom he distrusts. As the tension builds, history seems destined to repeat itself as Julia nearly dies in a fire just like her sister, leaving everyone to wonder what really happened to Sophia that night.