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Twin Room for Three

A year after the death of her husband, Anne is suddenly given a shot at having a baby with him, thanks to frozen egg cells that the couple had fertilized in Amsterdam years earlier.
Along with her two best friends, Anne makes her way to the capital of the Netherlands. Whereas Conny is enthusiastic about Anne’s plan, Hilde is not impressed and appeals to her sense of responsibility. Once in Amsterdam, Anne realizes that Hilde and Conny have plenty of their own baggage, and she’s no longer the center of attention.

Even from Amsterdam, super-mom and ex-policewoman Hilde busies herself with spying on and controlling her family. Conny, on the other hand, chats with Dutch men using a dating app, although in real life she’s lonely and craving the intimacy she has been missing for years.

Little by little, Anne’s two friends lead her to the brink of a nervous breakdown. It takes an eventful weekend away for her to realize that while her friends are far from perfect, she needs them more than anyone as she finally finds her footing again.