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Oh my God, we´re offline

Heike is annoyed because her husband Klaus and their two children are dependent on smartphones and computers 24 hours a day. Their family life suffers considerably. When the family bank account is plundered by poker companies and flirt hotlines, she collects all their smartphones, computers and the internet router. Under loud protest of the family, she banishes everything in the boiler room for a month. Under these circumstances, "normal" family life should soon return. But Heike gets to feel the full scope of her action. No more fast messages from smartphone to smartphone, the kids lose their social contacts and need to be entertained in new, elaborate ways. Still, Heike's action is not without success: a kind of "Gallic village" is created on the outskirts of Berlin - even the neighbours go offline. Heike only relents when Klaus loses his job because he is no longer constantly available.