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Survival on the Diaper Front

After years of trying, Esther and Dieter’s wish to have children is finally coming true – and it looks like they have reason to be twice as excited, since Esther is expecting twins. Everything is ready to go; there’s just one question that hasn’t yet been resolved. Who’ll stay at home after the babies are born? Esther, a lawyer, has recently taken over as head of the firm. For her, it’s an especially bad time to take an entire year off from her career. It’s much easier for Dieter, a journalist. As such, he makes a conscious choice to take paternity leave – even if he’s afraid of leaving his job open to the competition. No sooner has the decision been made than he begins looking forward to the time off. He’ll have long, relaxing breakfasts in the mornings with the kids followed by trips to the playground with a good book in his bag. In the afternoons, when the twins are napping, he can work on the magazine’s special edition issue. At least that’s how Dieter pictures his parental “vacation.”