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Dark clouds are gathering over the tranquil town of Bad Nauheim – and especially over the tidy single-family home of the Lehmanns. Jochen Lehmann’s print shop “Walterstein & Co.” hasn’t gotten a decent contract in ages, and Jochen is doing all he can to stave off bankruptcy. His family, meanwhile, has its own problems to contend with. Vincent Lehmann is in the midst of puberty and preoccupied with himself; His younger sister Laura is infatuated with Tobi, the school heartthrob. And while she is imagining how her “first time” will be, her mother Julia is meeting “Rolf the Wolf” for some casual lunch-break sex. Only the youngest, Nadine, seems to be the pure ray of sunshine loved by all. Against the wall, Jochen abandons himself to a fantasy of wealth, knowing full well what he needs to make the fantasy come true: money.