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We are in the early '70s, and police Inspector Dario Maltese returns to the city of his birth, Trapani, in Sicily, which he left after his father’s death 20 years earlier. In all this time he has never been back. Inspector Dario Maltese returns to Trapani for the wedding of his friend Gianni Peralta. Peralta, a police inspector himself in Trapani, does not make it as far as the altar, being killed in front of Maltese, along with his wife. Devastated, Maltese asks to be transferred to the city to investigate his friend’s death. He is very determined even though going back to Trapani reopens old wounds that have never properly healed. He is certain Peralta was killed by the Mafia. But an article and photo in a local paper suggest another possibility: a crime of passion. Everything points to Gianni Peralta being assassinated because of his relationship with a woman whose jealous boyfriend lost his head.