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Ole Jacobi has run away from home. He simply couldn't stand the news that his mother, Dr. Anna Jacobi, is planning to move in with her boyfriend Nils Meermann. He's afraid there will be no room for him in her life in future. And now he is running around Hamburg with a gang of youngsters. Nils and Anna are searching for Ole and the gang, worried about the boy. With good cause, as it turns out. Although Ole is enjoying himself, he doesn't know that the leader of the gang, Paula, has cancer - and she has decided to put an end to her life. What's more, in a series of increasingly daring escapades, she seems determined to take the other members of her gang with her when she goes! Meanwhile police officers Boje and Franzi are confronted with a very tricky case. 29-year-old Anja Fischer has approached the police with the claim that her ex-boyfriend raped her. He vehemently denies the accusation. Boje instinctively distrusts Anja Fischer, who seems quite determined to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend and prevent his upcoming wedding from taking place. In fact, there are various factors that contradict Anja Fischer’s claim – but Franzi believes her. So is there any truth to the extremely serious accusation? Is this young policewoman right to listen to her female intuition? Or is she making a huge mistake?