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In this three-part crime series based on the eponymous novel by acclaimed author Leif GW Persson, Swedish star Rolf Lassgård portrays a police detective convalescing from a stroke who gets caught up in a 30-year-old unsolved murder case.

Lars Martin Johansson, a legendary homicide detective, known in the police force as “The man who could see around corners” is now retired and living a different rather boring life. After having suffered a stroke, Johansson finds himself confined to a wheelchair. His old life as a detective suddenly grabs hold of him again, as his doctor tells a horrible story about the 25-year-old unsolved murder of a nine year old girl. Instead of resting and following doctors orders, he returns to the field accompanied by his friend and former colleague Jeanette Eriksson to investigate the murder. The case faces unexpected consequences, not least for Lars Martin Johansson himself.