Prison is society upside down, and beyond the prison walls, Erdem Azimut used to be a respectable gangleader, all swagger and wannabe fearsomeness; former bank employee Manfred Schuster, in turn, assaulted his boss; and Manuel Rubey, "The Count," sold luxury homes that didn’t belong to him. In normal life, these three would never have met. But here in jail, they can only survive as friends. And waving the flag of friendship is prison-psychologist Nora Meindl, who is convinced that her charges are eager and willing to become better men through therapeutic means. As to prison director Dr. Kempers, the inmates are little more than numbers  –  obstacles on the path to his upcoming retirement. Among the storylines are Manni’s fear of freedom, a Russian's threat to kill Erdem, and Nora's efforts to justify having the men supervised without their knowledge.