Behind Bars

screenable online: 4 episodes

The prison sitcom "Behind Bars" returns for a second series with the three cellmates still behind bars. Graf has abandoned all hope of an early release and resorted to unrestrained indulgement in mind-altering substances, while Erdem remains a big-hearted wannabe gang leader who can’t hold his tongue.

Caught in the middle of the trio like a deflated teddy bear is Manni, a benevolent soul who rather enjoys his life in jail, thanks to his companions and psychologist Nora. The inmates regularly attend her sessions and, despite a series of calamitous setbacks, she remains convinced that everyone can be helped by therapy. Meanwhile, the impulsive nature of the despotic prison governor Dr Kempers remains (almost) unbroken. Fellow inmate Ivan, leader of a Russian mob, makes life difficult for the trio and puts their friendship to the test.