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German doctor Martin Winter and his daughters Elisabeth and Paula have decided to stay in Ireland. They feel very much at home on the lovely and romantically situated farm of the girls' grandparents Anne and Peter O'Mally. And in the little town of Ballymara, located on the southern coast of Ireland, where Dr. Winter has taken over the practice of the local country doctor. The town also has a very special attraction for Martin: the young sheep farmer Erin O'Toole, with whom Martin, after grieving over the loss of his wife for several years, has fallen in love. Martin is also the love of Erin's life, and when he proposes to the warm-hearted and engaging young woman after several months of happiness, she spontaneously accepts.

Unfortunately, Erin has a secret: she is already married! Her marriage exists only on paper, however, as her husband Christoph Lanik works abroad as a war reporter and they have not seen each other in six years. Erin, increasingly disquieted, confides in the wise and experienced Anne O'Mally, who advises her to get a divorce as quickly and discreetly as possible. But when Erin calls Christoph, his unexpected reaction is to come to Ballymara and fight for her. Martin, who has no idea about what is going on, is coping with entirely different problems. His predecessor Dr. McNamara, now restored to good health, wants to treat his old patients again. And Martin's daughters Elisabeth and Paula reproach their father for not having told him of his intention to remarry. Then the events come fast and furious: Dr. McNamara makes a life-threatening false diagnosis which casts a dubious light on Dr. Winter and raises suspicions among the people of Ballymara. And Martin also sees that he will have to fight for Erin's love.