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Professor Therese Engel finds it hard to bow out of her professional life. But she takes heart at the prospect of finally spending time with her husband Heinz and catching up on what was neglected over all the years of parenting and career. So the disappointment is all the more bitter when Heinz, a successful orthopedic surgeon, suddenly backs out of their decision and instead chooses to carry on working. Instead of fulfilling their common life dream as planned, Therese travels alone to her beloved Ticino. There, out of the blue, she meets the much younger Stephan, who says he is a former student of hers. Therese falls head over heels in love and loses not only her heart, but also her mind. Stephan’s attention, his curiosity and zest for life, and the feeling of being alive lead Therese to embark on an affair, which throws Therese’s life and her family’s lives into great disarray.