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After years of being happily married, Doris and Simon’s life is turned upside down. Doris falls in love with charismatic doctor Johannes and considers starting a new life. Doris and Simon have just handed over their company to their son and are looking forward to spending their retirement together of which they’ve got different expectations. When Doris meets Johannes, her love for Simon is put to the test. Doris confronts her husband with her thoughts and questions, and he reacts in an unexpectedly open, understanding manner despite being hurt. He explains to Doris that she has to decide for herself with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life and that he will accept her decision, as hard as it might be for him. They spent wonderful years together and he loves her as much as he did on the first day. But if she feels that she needs to leave, he can’t make her stay. Not only does this approach confuse his wife, it also irritates his children and friends. Werner’s faith in freedom and equality challenges the worldview of everyone involved. Even his would-be rival didn’t expect so much tolerance and finds himself unable to deal with it.